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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jewellery with Purpose

I have been lead down a path of discovery lately with a number of important people arriving in my life. Some of these people are helping me with my self journey and sparking different interests in me that were somewhat hidden but waiting to emerge.

These interests have lead me to think more about the jewellery designs that I create. I love jewellery with natural components so it has lead me to combine two things I love, Lampwork beads and gemstones.

I am on a learning journey with the gemstone as to with my skills in lampworking. I get daily inspiration from colleagues and friends which makes it easy to expand.

I have a range of jewellery called "Healing Heart" - this range is made with the properties of the gemstones in mind. The designs can be custom made to the wearer if a certain stone is needed and I am happy to work with clients looking for a special piece that will complete them or help them reach their higher good.

Here is a piece that I made today which combines Citrine gemstones and my artisan lampwork beads! - Enjoy

This combination of colours reminds me of earthly tones and connects with the solar plexus chakra.
The smooth yet natural shaped nuggets of the citrine semi-precious gemstones secretly hide flecks of gold colour where the natural layers of the gemtones have been created in its formation.
The smooth rounded lampwork lentils have been created in my own studio from Italian glass - a topaz base colour with raku frit decoration. The lampwork beads have been kiln annealed for durability.
The bracelet has been constructed with gun metal copper wire and finished off with a brass toggle closure with a little extra room for easy connection.

Bracelet approx 21cm long

Lampwork lentils approx 1.8cm on average
Citrine Nuggets approx 2cm on average


Citrine is the traditional birthstone for November

Citrine is also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra (under the rib cage) : symbolises personal power, fulfillment, abundance, courage, self confidence.

Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator, carrying the power of the sun. It never needs to be cleansed, as it absorbs, transmutes, dissipated, and negative energy. Citrine activated the crown chakra and open the intuition.

Citrine is one of the stones of abundance and teaches how to manifest and attact wealth and prosperity, success and all good things.

Price is $69 Aud and free postage within Australia

You can purchase at my website

With the purchase of this bracelet you will receive information about the gemstones used. The stones will be cleared of any negative intentions and the stones will be recharged with the energy and intentions for the new owners highest good.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Healing Heart Jewellery

My business is slowly evolving all the time, something that I am very grateful for. I never feel stagnant or locked in to a particular theme or function. Having the ability now to work from my studio my thoughts have had the ability to run and leap into new directions. One of these new directions is healing jewellery. I have a special fondness for gemstones mostly for their earthly feel and the warmth that they bring to a design.
I am turning my attention more and more to these elements of the earth to provide one of a kind designs for my clients.

I have friends that are involved in healing work such as Reiki & energy work that suggest different gemstones to their clients to help with different aspects of their life. There are plenty of tumbled stones around but some gemstones just beg to be worn. This is where I come in. - I love designing functional jewellery that evokes creativity and uniqueness for the wearer. Not only does the wearer have a beautiful unique statement piece, they also have a functional healing tool to assist them just be.

If you are after a statement piece using a particular type of gemstone just contact me and I will assist you with a design.

"Lost World" - A mixture of brass and copper findings with a side clasp feature. Wonderful assortment of Citrine & Snakeskin Jasper gemstones, finished off with a whimsical bow. One of a Kind - $65.00

Citrine is known as an Abundance and Wealth Stone. It is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Citrine is joyous, warm and energizing. Raises self esteem, stimulates mental focus. Absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy, i.e. extremely protective for the environment.

Japser helps align the chakras, it provides protection and grounds energies and the body. It absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakras and the aura. Jasper sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper reminds people to help each other.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brisbane Bead & Gem Show 2010

The Brisbane Bead & Gem show is just around the corner. So start getting your shopping list together now.

I will be sharing a stand with a couple of other beading buddies, so our site will give you a feast for your eyes.

Kits, Kits, Kits are my focus for this show - I get a lot of feedback from beginner beaders that tell me that these sort of events overwhelm them. They tend to get confused due to the massive assortment of items. People love kits - everything in it to make it, instructions and photos. They tend to finish the item rather than stashing a bag of beads away that they intend to use "one day".

Here are a few of the kits that I have started to get ready for the show - over the next couple of days they will be available on my website as well.

Hope you can come along and visit us

Fri 2nd July 10am - 5pm
Sat 3rd July 10am - 5pm
Sun 4th July 10am - 4pm

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No Bridezillas Allowed

I was watching cable TV the other day and came across the show Bridezillas - well it scared the absolute begezzers out of me. I have nothing against brides, I have been one twice! All I am asking my universe for is that all of my clients will be calm, collected, reasonable and eternally grateful for my assistance.

So, why am I on this tangent? I have a bridal fair to attend this weekend, even though I have been making jewellery and designing pieces for brides for over 12 years this TV show has had me wondering if there really are people out there like that?

I have had professional photos done, advertised and had editorials written and booked into the bridal fair. Can I put a sign up " No Bridezillas Required"?

I mean why would I think that my clients would be anything else than calm, collected, resonable and grateful?

Have any of you come across a Bridezilla - are they real or just a figment of your imagination that only live in TV land? - Would love to hear your stories.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wonderful Lampwork Bead Giveaway

Laura - a fellow overseas lampwork artist is have a generous giveaway of some of her "lonely beads" I call mine orphans but they are all little examples of her creativity - Head over to her post here and enter the draw. - Got to be in it to win it!

Here is an example of some of the lampwork beads I have created recently - this set is $28.00 and is available on my website {UPDATE - SOLD}

Monday, May 24, 2010

Putting in the Social Media Networking Hard Yards

Today I have put a few hours into tweaking my blog and social media networking tools. I am already seeing the results in numbers, followers and fans. No wonder I did not dedicate a lot of time to this when I had the retail store as there is so much to learn, read and consider. This has been a bit of a full time job in itself.

What I want to provide you on my blog is a bit of a middleman approach to social media networking as I test things out. I would like to share with you what I feel has worked and what is not working for my business, and maybe you can take some of this information and use it in your businesses.

In the time I had my retail store which was nearly four years I would hate to tell you how much I shelled out on paid print media advertising, it would be over $20,000 and for a small business, that to me is a lot of money that I felt I got little return from.

I was promised the moon and stars but instead I felt like I was eating dirt and worms. I cringe every time I get a phone call from a print media organisation regarding advertising in their publication.

I am on the war path with advertising and feel that there must be a better way.

These are my tips so far

Get a google account.
Get a twitter account.
Get a Personal Profile on Facebook - and from that start your business fan page - both the personal and fan pages are used for your business - if you want a personal fan page to talk about your personal life with friends and family have that as a separate account - I will explain in another post why you need to separate them.
Get a blog - I am now using Blogger , I have used Typepad and looked at Wordpress - but I prefer blogger so far.
Get a Website.

In further posts I will talk about each media and how I have it working for me

So for today I suggest you get a Google Account then go to Google Places if you have a business. If you business is already on Google Maps make sure everything is correct - this service is free. This is mine so you know what it looks like Jet Beads & Craft Google Place. Google places with give you statistics which shows you over time if people are searching for you and by what means they found you . People don't use the yellow pages book or the UBD anymore. So you have to be digital and accessible.

So what did you think? I always love hearing your feedback, so please leave me a comment down below with questions, thoughts, or feedback. And please share this post with your Twitter and FB friends by clicking on the share buttons below. I totally appreciate it!! Thanks so much for spending time with me here today!

Before I go - here are some featured sewing patterns from my website that were loaded up today - if you register on the website you will go on my newsletter mail out list which contains special discount codes which will apply to your orders.

Cheers Tania

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Free Video Tutorial using Jumprings

Just over a year ago I made a few video tutorials for jewellery making - over the last 6 months I have sorted of neglected this project, moving our shop was sort of a bigger priority.

My most popular tutorial - Wire Wrapped Ring Cluster has had over 36,000 hits in a year! - WOW!

Now that I have moved to the new studio I will have more time to update and create more video for my viewers

This was one of my first attempts to video myself - so I do sound a bit nervous, and I still find it hard to listen to my own voice.

I have a few more on my youtube account and I am in the process of changing all the website links over this will happen over the coming weeks

After watching the video I would love you to leave me a comment - see below

Hope you enjoyed it! So what did you think? Was this helpful? Do you have questions? Any video tips or stories to share? Would love to hear from you! And please pass this on to your Twitter/Fb friends below, too! Thanks so much!


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